Pan Roast Hamour (Lapu-Lapu) with Light Soy Sauce

I'm not an early riser. The earliest I can get myself to rise from the bed is about 7:30am so the only time you could expect to see me at the Wholesale Market (Directions) is when it's a matter of life and death, like there's absolutely nothing for lunch and we'll die of hunger! haha! Ok so I'm more of a night person and for people like me there's always that long line of fish vendors along the Cornichewhere you'll also get blue crabs fresh from the sea, and when I say fresh I mean right from the fishermen's nets (but of course my dearly beloved crabs deserve a post of their own).

My little girl is ready to Party Party!

It had always been a running joke in the household that since the other half of the Pascua Family had temporarily relocated to the Philippines in 2008, our little Lauren has never ever been invited to any children's party. It's as if we're both in hibernation until our Dada, Big Ate and Small Ate comes back to Qatar. Life seemed to be put on hold for us. Don't get me wrong, it's not as if we're not enjoying it. We love our Saturdays spent doing some errands, and some leisure activities.

Craving for some Chicken Inasal? I did it my way! (Bacolod Chicken)

Chicken or Beef? A very familiar line to those of us in Qatar. Line that usually rouses you from your sleep while inbound to or outbound from the Middle East, and if you aren't from Dubai or Bahrain, would also be the usual fare in your home. But how much chicken adobo or chicken afritada can you handle in a week? In my quest to be more creative with my chicken recipes, I start to crave for chicken inasal, more commonly known to us as Bacolod chicken.

Countdown to heartbreak

So it would be exactly a week from today that the hubby will be flying in to Qatar from the Philippines. It would have been a happy and exciting thought if not for my two little angels who will be left back home with their nanny and a grandma they barely know.