Chicken Tinola

 When my mom came back from the Philippines, one of the biggest surprises she brought with her is a bunch of "dahon ng sili", leaves from bird's eye chili peppers we have in our backyard in the Philippines. Well, that's one thing about my Tatay, he's not very demonstrative or vocal about his love for all his children, but you can truly feel it with the smallest of things he remembers that he knows would make you happy. And for the longest time, since he was also still here in Qatar, he knew that our Chicken Tinola's were never complete without the leaves, oh we so love our leaves! We even thought of planting our own just so we could have leaves for our Tinola, but somehow they are just not the same...

Non-Traditional Humba Recipe

It's another porky Friday! That was my status the other day as I thought of a way to prepare the the pork I had taken out of the freezer. Ooops! Sorry, I didn't mean to be smug, but we have been having our porky Friday's for the last 3 weeks now and looks like it'll take a few more weeks to finish our supply :). Ok, we've had a very close friend and lets see... 6 family members who came in from the Philippines in the last couple of months, and with 40kg baggage allowance, just think how much pork we could take in with that! hahaha!

To those of you who have just visited (specially those who are in Qatar) please, this is our tiny little secret! :) You can do it too, as long as it is just for your own consumption, and you don't travel during the Ramadan period, the security officers at the airport are not too strict with it anymore (or we are just lucky?! hehe!). Well, since the time I had relocated to Qatar, we had always been lucky to go unnoticed having pork in our luggage.. Ok, so now I've been incriminating myself too much.. let's just leave it at that shall we? :)

Opera Night (Opera at the Landmark)

No, we didn't watch any opera, but for those of you in Qatar, would probably already know what I mean, it's one of the famous bakeshop cum coffee shop cum restaurant in the country, also famous for their chocolates. The other night, before going to sleep I promised the girls that we'd finally watch Monte Carlo if they have only 1 homework each. So yesterday, our Big Ate made sure that she only brought home 1 homework, one which she couldn't do by herself (drawing of a tongue and naming all parts) the others she already completed in school so that we can use our homework and free time to go see the film. Unfortunately, when we got to the Landmark Mall, the movie had already been taken out. Such a disappointment! The girls have been looking forward to watch Monte Carlo with me since before they have flown in to Qatar and we've already made it a date. Now the other movie choices are not to their liking so we just decided to do our grocery shopping instead.

Cupcake with a Twix

Geez! It's been what, 10 days since my last post, my life had just turned topsy turvey for me since the girls arrived from the Philippines and started school thereafter. I had gone on leave to guide the girls in their adjustment period but it seems I am the one who's got a lot on my hands right now. I was able to make a lot of dishes for their lunch boxes and some backing too, but was not able to take a picture or even take down the ingredients' measurements. Gone were the days when I was able to take my time in order to take notes for the recipes of my dishes. Now it's just pure multi-tasking, cooking while cleaning up the toys or supervising the review of their homeworks, or making them take a nap while I do some baking. Seems the Expat side had gone to 10% and all of the 90% was taken over by the mommy-mode.