Welcome to Qatar, Porky!!!!!!

Yaaayyyy!!!!!! Finally, the wait is over! There had been rumors going around for years on when pork will finally be available in Qatar. I arrived here in 2000 and talks about pork being available started I think even before the Doha Asian Games in 2006. Well, it seems a lot of shops have tried to carry the product, I even remember the time when the Megamart in The Center was supposed to be Spinney's and everybody got excited because Spinney's carry the product around the region. But for some reason, they were not able to get the license and eventually, Spinney's became Megarmart. And when Spinney's opened at the mall, well... nowbody got excited ---- there was no talk about pork.
And now finally, the long wait is over. When talks again spread mid of 2011, I really didn't bother to get the details, to it was just that again, talks. And since our house seldom run out of pork, so I didn't mind really :)
And the talks became louder and louder, specifics have been included, as to the date, supplier and how it can be purchased, so it really sounded good this time. It was on Facebook last Sunday when I learned that pork had definitely arrived! Seems everybody in Doha have been talking about it. And I must admit, it really is a thrill specially for me whose cooking have been kind of limited to chicken and beef dishes. Now, more experiments can happen! And so yesterday, the Expat Daddy and I just couldn't stop ourselves, we just had to experience it ourselves. Hmmm... don't get too excited now... it almost is heaven, but not yet there, hehe!

Single Serving: Chicken Corn Soup

This soup dish is so simple and preparing is just  as easy as cooking instant noodles. My girls so love this, well, even more than the instant noodles and usually requests this as a pre-dinner meal just after their review time. Oh how I wish that I could also introduce them to the gulay na mais I grew up with in Batangas! That one with wild mushrooms and malunggay, is simply heaven. Haay... now I suddently start to crave :)
For this dish I have used 1 small can of cream style corn which you can easily find in any supermarket around town. To cook, I have sauteed a clove of minced garlic in a tablespoon of oil then added about 1/8 cup of diced chicken breast. Then I poured in the creamed corn and about 2 cups of water and stirred. Added a pinch of salt and pepper and let it simmer for about 2-3 minutes then I stirred in 1 egg and turned off the heat immediately.
And that's all there is to it! In 5 minutes have made my girls soo happy and full, but still looking forward to the dinner ahead. It's a very light and filling dish that is healthy too!
This is two thumbs up from the Expat Kiddies :)

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Pork Adobo sa Star

Oh yes another Adobo version. If you google Adobo you'll most probably find a thousand and one versions of Adobo, so this would bring it to a thousand and two, hehe! Well that is if nobody else had made this version before. But as far as my research goes, I've not really found one cooked with a Star! 
For this adobo version, I have thought of the distinct flavor Star Margarine had added to the Bacolod Chicken and how I think it would also give this Adobo a twist. Of course, the pork had still been cooked adobo style with just a difference of using annato oil and adding Star Margarine at the end. It was good, really! Try it!

I'm still here! Still a mommy, still an expat --- Happy Birthday to MyExpatMommy too!:)

Hiyee pipol! Yes I have not left Qatar and have not left you my dear readers. Thing is, the schedule had been so tight the past month with all the kids' activities and a little bit of a project I have launched. This is something so close to my heart and although it isn't really a very big thing, I really hope to be successful in it, well, as they say, if you are going to get into a business, you make sure that it's something you really love doing! And you guessed it right peeps! It's all about food, Food, FOOD! :)
Well, it really just started with the chocolate chip cookie post, everyone in the family loved it that when they have brought them to work, it also became a big hit. So I got to thinking if it's that good that somebody would be willing to pay for it. And as they say, the rest is history. I have been spending most of my time at home baking cookies and have also added chocolate crinkles to my repertoire (which I will also be posting the recipe, soon i hope!). They have all been selling like cupcakes. 
And now for the kill! LOL! With the help of our Expat Nanny who has been very effective in her marketing, we were able to get some small catering project in school. It all started during the AIS UN celebration, at the time of the school's preparation, the canteen was not operational so the parents are a bit concerned that they and their kids would go hungry during the day itself. So after talking to the principal, we have been allowed to sell food during the event. Unfortunately, during the day itself, the canteen was opened! But, then it didn't stop the parents to purchase from the stock we have brought to school. Wow! that was an inspiring start, sold out!
With that, our Expat Nanny had also proposed to cater the food for the kids during their Eid Party, so we have printed some kiddie party packages so that they wouldn't need to bring food to school anymore. And what do you know, we have immediately received a booking for a birthday party too! Wow! that was fast! So from there, we have been receiving orders here and there, of course not so big yet... we are just starting. But they are good enough for us. Pancit bilao, fresh lumpia, puto, kutchinta, the works! And I must say I am having so much fun! I get to cook all I want, and at the same time earn from it! Isn't that the best? So there, My Expat Mommy's Food Services have finally been launched! 
Now I am calling to you fellow expat moms, to support me in this endeavor, for orders you may email me your contact information at myexpatmommy@yahoo.com or Like My Expat Mommy on Facebook and post a message on the wall, and I will get back to you immediately :) 
Ooops! Before I forget, My Expat Mommy had just turned 1! Happy Birthday to me! LOL! and to thank you readers for keeping this site alive, watch out for Giveaway Goodies post to win prizes (well of course all prizes are the expat mommy's best selling goodies!), who knows you may be lucky enough to get a taste of the goodies others have been paying for!