Nilagang Manok

Finally a slow day for the Expat Mommy and the girls. Today we were supposed to go ice skating with Big Ate's friends, but they were not able to make it, so we decided to cancel the plan. 
For today's lunch I opted to make a simple dish that best fits our relaxed mood. Was initially thinking of making tinola but I also remembered I haven't posted a recipe for quite a while now, so I decided to make something new that I think you readers would also be interested in making as a break to the holiday dishes we've been eating this season.
I know in other households, nilagang manok is quite common. But iI in ours, this is something new, in fact I think this would be the first time we'll be serving this in our table. I just hope the girls would like it. We are just used to having beef for nilaga, sometimes pork, but chicken... not really :)
Well, what can I say, not bad at all! And the best part is that the girls received it well. They all loved it specially our Small Ate, who loved her "potato soup" siding. What she usually asked her yaya to do whenever we cook nilaga is to mash the potatoes in a small bowl and mi it with a small amount of broth. Just like what you would give to an infant, hehe! Well, if that's one way she would enjoy the dish, then who am I to oppose it, right? :)

Qatar National Day 2011: Darb Al Saai Visit (Fam Weekend Part 1)

The Fam had such a fun weekend celebrating the National Day with the entire country! After 11 years of living in Qatar, this is the first time we had been spectators to the celebrations. In the past years we have always avoided going out during the National Day. We just enjoyed the holidays in the comforts of our homes. We dreaded the crowd and we dreaded the traffic most of all! Guess that was our mistake. Our idea of enjoying the holiday was finding some fun for ourselves, away from the crowd. We used to think of going to the mall and dreaded the traffic and the crowded parking. We were looking to have our own fun, which now we realized was not the right way to attack the holiday :)
This year however, we decided to brave it. Instead of avoiding the crowd, we just went with the flow and I must say we had a blast! This time we stayed away from the malls, we went where the action is! Our National Day weekend actually started last Thursday, 15 December when our Small Ate joined the National Costume contest and our Big Ate joined the Slogan Making contest. Both girls won 2nd place, yaayyy!
On the 16th, we visited the Darb Al Saai event site located in the block off the Sports Roundabout.  It is the the very well lighted area with lots of tents just across the Wyndham Hotel in Al Sadd. This I must say has set the mood for our Arabic weekend. As we entered the site, we were welcomed by the site of boys and their falcons. There is a competition for Young Falconer over the weekend and the event had attracted a big number of participants. The girls enjoyed their first hand experience of seeing this very old traditional hobby of  Qataris which had been passed on from generation to generation. I personally do not have an idea on how the game is played and I do wonder what the head cover is for... the gear covers the bird's eyes... so how can they hunt with that? Hmm... this one would have to be included on the list of things I'd ask Google... :)

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Cuttlefish Calamares

We are so rich! Well, in terms of cuttlefish that is! Hahaha! The Expat Daddy works in a confidential work site where he's got access to fishermen who sells fish! Hahahaha! 
Ok, ok, the Expat Daddy is actually beside me now while I was making this post and while I ask him the spelling of his work site, he just panicked and shouted "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!". You may think he's working in some scientific laboratory or something but not really. It's just another construction site but a private real estate property of the Royal Family. He just told me now that they have signed a confidentiality agreement not to say anything about the project, and so the wifey's blog included.
Well anyway, the point is, the site is near the beach and most of the time, they see fishermen by the road selling various seafood, most of the time cuttlefishes, crabs, and milk fish. He was able to get them at very low prices and in bulk. Which is why in the last couple of months we don't get to visit the Abou Hamour fresh market anymore. Of all the seafood he brings home, the c uttlefish is the one I really can't think what to make of. It's a good thing the girls love calamares, so most of the time that's just what we make. Just like now, it is again what I've aske our yaya to prepare for tomorrow's lunch. Sometime we also make Sweet and Sour o sauce to go with it, but then why make a fuss, the girls love calamares as it is :).

Torikatsu (Breaded Chicken Cutlets)

This is one of my favorite chicken dishes (of course, since circumstances dictate Tonkatsu to be a rare occurence, haha!). Yes, this is the next best thing to my fave Tokyo Tokyo dish back in the Philippines. When we first learned to love Tokyo Tokyo back in around 1996, it was just one stall at the back of Greenbelt Mall. It was not so famous back then, but the food was better :).  During that time it was not so commercialized yet unlike now, that it had really become fast food quality. Of course not discounting the fact that it is now more economical because of it's unlimited rice, but I still believe that that small outlet in Greenbelt had better quality product wise as compared today. I have tried to recreate the Tokyo Tokyo meal including the stir fried vegetable sidings and have posted the recipe here.

Our Big Ate is a Star Scout!

Such a long delayed post, I know! LOL!
When our Big Ate first announced at home that there's going to be a Scouting camp in their school, it lacks energy and excitement. Initially they have been told that only those 9yo and above during the event can join the scouting, so naturally our Big Ate was disappointed. The scouting event/ camping was set in October and her birthday being inNovember, naturally she assumed that she wouldn't be able to join. Actually, when she was in the Philippines, she's got no interest with Girl Scouting. With all the many different clubs in her previous school, it was really hard for her to choose since they were allowed only one club per year and in Colegio San Agustin - Makati, there were about more than a dozen clubs to choose from! And, with our Big Ate not being the active kind of girl, she leaned more to the book club and homemakers' club. When she transferred to AIS, there were no clubs at all. The only one they got was the scouting event. I say event because I don't even know if it can be considered a club. We don't know if there will be other scouting activities to happen within the years. So yes, that scouting thingy was just an event, not a club. 

I want to clean the house!!!!!!!

For about maybe 2 weeks now, I have been meaning to clean the house, hmm.... by clean I mean declutter. Well now that our yaya is with us here in Qatar, our house is always clean and everything is in order, and the good thing is that she knows where everything is around the house. Even if the girls make a mess several times a day, Yaya Josie would always have everything back in order in no time. Exactly the reason why I made sure that when the girls moved back to Qatar, we bring our every reliable yaya with us. So what am trying to say right now? What I meant is that from the few months that the two girls have gone back to Qatar, we have accumulated a lot of stuff from toys to outgrown shoes and clothes to storybooks and activity books and what nots. And so, with the size of our house, we can barely cramp ourselves in the first floor of the villa we are staying in, even if most of our other stuff had already been put in boxes and were stored at a storage area in the ground floor. Haaay.... 
Thing is, when the girls first arrived back, I promised them that I will open the balikbayan boxes full of toys which they had left when they had relocated to the Philippines. Those of you who lives in Qatar would know how generous people are in giving gifts! And so, with our house rule that they can only open 1 toy at a time, they have accumulated lots of unopened boxes of toys which I have stored in balikbayan boxes. Actually some of these toys I have already recycled by also giving away as gifts or pasalubongs to our relatives in the Philippines. The good thing about regulating the opening of toys, is that they always have something new to open whenever they get bored with the ones they are playing with. At the same time, I was able to regulate the amount of toys that is spread across the floor each time they play. But then, when they came back, I have agreed they they can open the boxes again and play with ALL the toys... I just thought that well with our Big Ate being already 9 and Small Ate 6, there really won't be much opportunity to play with them much longer, so I thought, fine! Go ahead! Play to your heart's content! LOL!
And now, I feel that the girls have already had enough fun.... think 6 months of fun is good enough? LOL! Well, that's how I feel right now, plus with Christmas coming... I can already imagine how much more toys they will be receiving! And so, I want to clean and make space for the things that may come. Well, I am also partially to blame with all the clutter in the house. When it comes to the girls things, sometimes I become so attached, thinking that they will like to see the things that they had while they were growing up, because I didn't get the same opportunity. I grew up with both parents abroad, plus the fact that we had moved and demolished and rebuilt our house so we were not really able to save much of our things. Now, with much longing I remember those gifts from Santa I have received through the years... the beautiful things my Tatay and Mommy always brought me as pasalubong from Saudi Arabia. And they were really very nice things. The clothes I used to have which I thought I could have handed down to my girls... Oh... I really feel sad just thinking about them. 
I am a generous person, maybe 70-80% of our things I give away when we no longer use them. But there are just certain things I want to keep for sentimental reasons. Like all the clothes the girls wore during their birthdays and Christmas. Maybe weird but right after their birthdays or Christmas every year. I don't let the girls wear those clothes again and I just store them in shoe boxes. I just wanted to give it back to them when they grow up. For myself, I have only kept all my signature jeans in size 26, hahahaha! I am not a shoe or bag person actually, I'm really more of a jeans person.... 
well anyway, to go back. Yes, I want to clean the house! I just don't know where to start!!!!!! It's really one of my weaknesses, house cleaning and decluttering. As always the case, I get overwhelmed with the task that I don't know where to start! Oh how I miss our house in Taguig! The place which our Yaya Josie maintained since we move in in 2008 have always been in order, organized from A-Z from day 1! There was never any need to burden myself with the overwhelming task of decluttering. Oh well... maybe the best thing would be to just start with a clean slate, throw everything away and start over! Hahahaha!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Good News (Contest) Alert: Freebies! Freebies! Freebies from the Expat Mommy!!!!

Oh well... it looks like my previous post won't be presenting itself at all! I actually created this post 3 days back, but then when I had initially published it.... I don't know, for some reason it just got lost somewhere over the rainbow! :)
Well anyway, just like the first post (lost somewhere over the rainbow) I intend to share with you my happiness and celebrate a few things. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for being generous with your time and for patiently staying with the Expat Mommy through the 1 year and 1 month since I have started the blog. I know there had been some ups and downs. Some months you'll find it being actively taken cared of, while on other occasions, it just looked like being abandoned. Well, that's when life had got the better of the Expat Mommy. So to those of you who still continue to check in from time to time, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!