Creamy Chicken Sopas

This discovery I was so happy about. See, our girls love chicken sopas. I mean no matter how I make it, even during times when the end product was really just so so, like when I am doing several other tasks while cooking or when I just whip it up with some missing ingredients (specially homemade broth). But what really made me love this new version of this chicken sopas was the reception it received from the Fam. They really loved this way better than the other times I used to make it. Even the Expat Daddy noticed the difference. It's thicker and creamier and the chicken flavor more enhanced. This thanks to the Knorr Cream of Chicken powdered soup that I have added into the ingredients. It just changed the whole meaning of chicken sopas for the girls, and I know they wouldn't like it any other way now! :)
Ooops! Don't get wrong, this is not a sponsored post, but I really just loved to highlight how it tasted so much better than before. Actually, I am not really fond of powdered instant soups. I just find it so starchy and really really tasting like flour. So I really don't know what made me think of adding the cream of chicken to the chicken sopas I was making. Well, maybe just because it's been in the cupboard for a long while now. That's just me, I buy things for the simple reason that I may need it sometime and it would be out of stock in the supermarket. Oh yes, a small note, the Knorr packet I was referring to was the one imported from the Philippines. There are lots in the supermarket really, those which were manufactured in the region, but we don't like that. They have this distinct flavor that I think people in the region prefer. Not really to my Filipino taste. I usually buy Philippine products really, when it comes to sauces and seasonings. Just to play it safe. 
And so yes, as I've said, we just love this creamy version of chicken sopas and I don't think I'll ever do it any other way. :)

Single Serving: Grilled Pitik (Slipper Lobster)

When the Expat Daddy came home last week with a 5 gallon plastic bag full of crabs and cuttlefish, the bag also contains 2 pieces of moderately sized slipper lobsters or what we call in the Philippines Pitik or Pitik -Pitik. That was actually the first time I would be able to cook and eat that crustacean. I must say it wasn't bad at all! The meat is soft yet firm, almost tasting like crabs but not as sweet. 
To add some flavor I have used a combination chopped garlic and green bell pepper and grated mozzarella cheese. What I did was to cut the lobster in half but not through the shell so I would be able to top the opening with the veggies and cheese. Before doing that, I have first seasoned the lobsters with a pinch of salt and pepper.
I have then put the lobsters on the grill to cook until the cheese had fully melted. When the melted cheese had formed, I have turned them over to cook the topside meat. Took me about a total of  15-20 minutes to cook them. 
We enjoyed eating the lobsters as is, with just a glass of ice cold coke. :)