Twisted Crab and Corn Soup

Today I had salad for lunch. Today I commit not to have rice intake. Today I'm supposed to go back to the gym. But it won't happen. The other half of the Fam is sick. Dada with his arthritis and our Big Ate and Little Oyen are both down with the cold. So today, at 10am, I had to rush back home to tend to these loves. The biggest challenge was what food to offer them. All of them don't want to eat anything. Both Yaya and I already offered everything we have available, willing to cook anything they will ask. Since I only had 2 hours to stay home before I go back to work again for a scheduled meeting, I didn't have time to go run to the supermarket to pick up anything soft I could offer them. But then, scouring through the pantry, I found we have lots of different powdered soups available. Those packet types which you only need to add water and boil. I'm sure you know the kind. The challenge is how I could make it look and taste appealing for them to eat, given the circumstances. Not only that, i can't just serve them diluted soup powder in water right? And so this is how I came up with this "twisted" crab and corn soup. Basically it is just the Knorr Crab and Corn Soup mix with a little twist to make it healthier and more delicious. 

Roast Turkey: Our Christmas "Lechon" for 2012

"The star of our Noche Buena Feast"

Oh geez, it's been one and half years already. Time does fly so fast! First of all, let me first thank the who had still continued to check out this site even if I've been too "lazy" to update it. Oh no, I did not just say that... let me jus say, I "lacked the creative juices" to write in the last year. Haha! 
Well, to be quite honest about it, 2012 had been quite a roller coaster year for me and my family and so with everything had been going on, updating this blog didn't make it to the priority list. But, I think that's ok, since loosing weight never made it too! :)
So, why don't we kick off the blogging year with a festive mood (even if we're 2 months late, haha!). Let's start off with the star of our Noche Buena feast last Christmas. This is actually something I am so proud off. That was about my third try to roast a turkey, and finally, I was able to roast it just right, with the meat cooked through but not too overcooked that it was dry. This one was just right. And, I'm not sure if all of you would agree, but I think I made the right decision when I decided to cook the turkey in its brine first before transferring it to the oven to roast. This way, the meat is already half-cooked and all I had to do is to brown the skin and cook the meat all the way through making sure that there are no bloody juices coming out from the turkey when we slice it.