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The Expat Nanny's Going on Holiday and How to Get in Touch with My Expat Mommy :)

And so tonight, our The Expat Nanny will be flying out to go home to her family in the Philippines. Surely she is so excited. Unfortunately, just as she is now preparing to leave there are still some glitches that just came up this morning while she is acquiring her exit permit. But we're now working on it, so by God's grace she'd be able to leave tonight. 
In the meantime, the PascuaFam will be left here to enjoy whatever's left of the Qatar winter with the rest of the family and our Expat Yaya. Ok, now I can see some eyebrows raising this very moment! LOL! But before you do that, let me just say that our Expat Nanny and our Expat Yaya are both considered family already and although we do pay them wages, we still allow them to find other opportunities to earn. See, you just can't end contracts with family, right?  And so, in order for them to be able earn an OFW income, we have partnered to put up My Expat Mommy Catering and Food Delivery Services and as a half-true joke actually, we have appointed our Expat Nanny to be our "Sales and Marketing Director", our Expat Yaya as our Finance Director and the Expat Mommy as the CEO. LOL! I mean who knows, in God's own time, we might be a real flourishing Food Company! Well, as we all say, it's free to dream, and so we choose to DREAM BIG! :)
Having said that, let me again introduce to you My Expat Mommy Catering and Food Delivery Services for all your catering requirements, be it for parties, small get-togethers, office and school lunches, or even just for intimate family dinners. I have posted our packages and price list in the Notes Section of My Expat Mommy's Facebook Page
To our regular customers or those who by chance, already got hold of our fliers and business cards and trying to reach us through our mobile no. printed there, you may in  the meantime, reach us by posting or leaving a message with us on Facebook, leaving a comment in this blog or using our alternative contact information below.

Mobile: (974) 77662084
BBM: 234842A8

It would be our pleasure to be of service to you and your family and friends. And as The Expat Mommy always says: Enjoy! :)

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